Bivha International School of Agriculture Science


Bivha International School Of Agriculture Science was established by Bivha International School of health and Science.It  was set up by young dynamic educator Dr Pamal (Alis Dr Pamal Kumar) to provide support to the farming community in three facets namely education, research and extension activities in Agriculture, Horticulture Engineering, product Processing and Home Science. At Present there Seven Colleges, Seventeen Research Centers and Six Extension Education Institute working in India

Bivha International School of Health and Science activities have expanded to span newer commodity sectors such as soil health card, bio-diesel, medicinal plants apart from the mandatory ones like rice, maize.tobacco,vegetable crops, fruit crops, forage crops, animal breeding, nutrition and dairy products etc. the core of Bivha Agriculture college operating philosophy however, continues to create the partnership between the rural people and comitted acdemic as the basic for sustainable rural development. Inpursuing its various programmes Bivha Agriculture  overall mision is to promote continues process of development of susstainable growth and economics independence in rural society. Bivha Agriculture  aims to do this through education, research and extension education. Thus, Bivha Aim works towards the empowerment of the farmers.

Recently in 2015 , Bivha International School of Agriculture science received special grant from Dr Pamal Sonika Foundation to provide skill development training to farmer based in Bihar & Southern part of Nepal.



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